Narvik Adventures
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An adventure close to nature and city

Welcome to Narvik Adventures. Here you can stay in our Arctic Dome. Enjoy a fantastic view year round. Watch the Northern Lights dance, watch the sun rise and go down. We promise you a harmonious and special experience whether you want to stay overnight or come to our events. When you book the Dome, you and your group have the whole plot around the Dome for yourself.  Here you can relax in the hammock or play and have fun. You can barbecue and make a fire. 

Arctic Dome 
Stay in our Arctic Dome with good sleeping places for 1 - 4 people. In total, the dome is about 25 square meters and over 3 meters below the ceiling. 

Shower / toilet, jacuzzi
We have brand new toilet and shower on the property. It is located about 30 meters from the Dome. In addition, our Jacuzzi will soon come with the city's best view!

In the old house we have made it a cozy little kitchen. Here you can make your own food or we fill the refrigerator to your wishes. Please use the grill and bonfire we have outside.

We promise you a harmonious experience all year round

Narvik Adventures is located in Narvikfjellet, close to a world-class ski resort. We have a great view of Narvik and Ofotfjorden. At the same time, we have no close neighbors, so when you get to us, you arrive at a quiet area where the views and tranquility are harmoniously balanced. We use our Arctic Dome for accommodation and events. We have a small kitchen in the old yellow house and we have a unit with shower and toilet on the plot. In addition, we can soon tempt the jacuzzi with the most beautiful views of the city. You will arrive by taxi from Narvik in just a few minutes. In addition, the bus is a short distance away. Or if you have your own car, you can drive all the way up to the plot. 


We have equipment on the plot for various activities. Here you can put on a helmet and use the mini skis or a sledges. Grill a sausage on the bonfire. Perhaps you challenge your fellow travelers in arching or dart? Woodpecker competitions, nail competitions or use area for amazing pictures all year round. 

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